About us

COMMCULT GmbH is an international working project development and implementation service provider with focus on technology-oriented companies and organisations in high-tech fields (and "grassroots" technologies), in the sectors of renewable energies, environmental technologies, drinking water treatment, reforestation, healthcare services, ecotourism as well as qualification and recruitment. It is our primary concern to contribute to innovative sustainable and global solutions that affect the future of humans to improve their living and work prospects in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals to work for the change.


The work of COMMCULT GmbH is always centered on people to improve the the living conditions, minimize riscs and find solutions so that man can live in harmony with himself and nature - now and in the future and here and worldwide with long-standing knowledge of high cultures and innovative future technologies.

If what not is, will be, then that what not is, is also changeable (Adorno).



Committed knowledge. That is why we put past knowledge on technologies in high cultures and innovative future technologies at the service of the people. We recognize opportunities and open up potential for sustainable development in global change. We deal with future topics and strive as critical thinkers and reliable partners in the intercultural context,  to find cultural-compatible and long-term solutions. Our goal is to improve people's living conditions.


We are developing sustainable projects to improve the lives of people around the world.


In dialogue with our partners, we are a source of inspiration and develop better life and work prospects.


Technological and intercultural competence as well as quality of our work convince in society, politics, economy and science.


We are developing sustainable projects to improve the lives of people around the world. COMMCULT GmbH deals with the major challenges of demographic change, world population growth, global migration, globalization, resource depletion, environmental pollution, climate change, health care and education and strives as a reliable partner to find cultural-compatible and sustainable solutions to improve people's living conditions through our international network in the fields of clean energy development, drinking water production and treatment, afforestation and desertification, health care services, environment and sustainable real estate.